BBC -Clone(Using React)


We were assigned the project to replicate the BBC website,The British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC) is the worlds Most trusted News Channel and is the world’s oldest national broadcaster. It was my first collaborative Project using REACT @Masai School.

It is always exciting to work on a project in a team, we were a team of five, and it's always challenging to work with a team and so was the case with us. The challenges faced were:-

  1. The biggest challenge was the time as we have to build it in 4 days, to do the proper planning becomes a key aspect and so we have planned accordingly and the tasks were been distributed among the team members
  2. Now comes the most important part is the Execution of the plan and the first challenge was the data we needed for the website as the official API for data was not available and as the website contains a huge amount of data in the database and so creating it was the biggest challenge but we as a team has worked on it and has created our own database.
  3. Here comes the main challenge is to collaborate with the team and to be in sync with each member and to merge individuals work regularly, but we are used to such situation, as Masai School has provided us with a lot of such opportunities to work in a team and so it was like a CAKEWALK for us.
  4. Building such a dynamic website and giving it the look it has in the original website is another challenge. But REACT and other libraries have made our job easy. So here are the technologies and the libraries we have used -



c. CSS

Other libraries

  • react-redux
  • redux-thunk
  • react-loading-skeleton
  • react-toastify
  • react-awesome-slider
  • react-youtube
  • react-player
  • react-social
  • react-icons
  • Axios
  • UUID

Here are some glimpses of our clone :


Addition Features apart from the normal features were being added by us

  1. We have added an extra feature to the admin user(Not for Normal User) is to Post News on the website

2. Live Weather Search as per the name of the city.

Team members-

  1. Priyanka Poshala
  2. Akash Vaghela
  3. Abhinav Raj
  4. Bhairavesware Reddy

Aspiring Full stack Web Developer